One-stop from product production to design,
construction, and post-management of
the floating system!
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Isn't there a fast and efficient floating system? What is the price for the product?

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Why should do you choose Next Float?

From production of modular PE pontoon to design, construction and follow-up management.

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Export of $5.5 million

Production Made by Next!

Patent technology and world-class
Using domestic HDPE raw materials,
Durable Pontoon
Direct production to overseas

(Expectation life: around 20 years)

DesignSuggest a suitable solution

With years of experience and know-how in water structures
reflecting customer requirements
suggesting the best alternative

Construction Operation of professional technical team

To enable analysis/improvement/development through data collection at the construction site Hold a self-construction seminar

Best technology ever

A/S Follow-up management

Provide a follow-up solution to deal with ever-changing situations

Maintenance by professional technical team
Flexible response to changing environments

Next Float Produced Products

Produce a wide range of eco-friendly, high quality products optimized for float systems.

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Consultation and Quote Application

For quick consultation, please fill out the following and apply, and we will reply (within 24 hours on weekdays).

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