Improved floating system that upper structure or deck installed easily through inserted nut on plastic resin 


Modular Pontoon system that is able to extend vertically and horizontally instead of pier foundation


Dock system while drive-on PWC, available to various size to suit your need, preventing to being driven the water, Economical and practical floating system to prevent to sea debris attached to craft




  • Use of subsidery of span disc
  • Drilling pile in water
  • Transportation on float
  • Transportation on float
  • Test of enlongation
  • Test of enlongation
  • Test of enlongation
  • Pile guide
  • NEXT FLOAT in bad weather situation
  • Floating Energy Plant
  • Floating Triathlon Platform
  • PIPE FLOAT Installation
  • Comparison of NEXT FLOAT and others
  • [NEXT FLOAT] Boat slider
  • Water Festival in Namhae
  • Antiwave fishery farm
  • Cleat in floating dock
  • Floating dock in Han River
  • Marine patrol dock in Han River
  • Youth marine Boat Festival
  • Windsurfing dock in Han River
  • Boat dock in Thailand
  • Boat dock in Thailand
  • Floating house in Ulsan
  • Boat dock in Ulsan
  • Floating stage in water park
  • Floating pier in Anyang River
  • Floating pier Asan Festival
  • Floating stage in Moojoo Festival
  • Floating pier in Nakdong River
  • Water festival in Gongjoo
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  • Floating dock installation in Gyeonggi boat show 2010
  • News Gyeonggi boat show 2010
  • Marine facility
  • Floating Dock with Deckon Float
  • NEXT FLOAT'S Simulator
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  • Crain Pathway on NEXT FLOAT
  • News of Floating bike road in Hwacheon
  • Marine walkway
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  • Aqua Education Watch
  • Video of NEXT FLOAT


Eco-Friendly Floating System - Modular Floating Construction